Steve Berens’ Animals of Distinction, Inc. is a small company with over 35 years experience. We have worked in many different states and countries around the world including Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Russia and Turkey. We specialize in dogs and cats but have done several jobs with farm animals and exotics. We do large jobs as well as small jobs.

​While our company is small, we are very capable of accomplishing truly great things on film. ​Our higher level of training has consistently saved productions time and money. When you call us you will get the benefit of our experience in dealing with a trainer that understands camera angles and the intricacies of meshing live animal action with visual effects. Our goal is to share your vision completely. We believe that the director should not have to compromise his vision just because there is an animal in the scene.

​So if you are looking for someone to do a so-so job, there are a number of companies you can call. But if you are looking for someone to help make your project special, then give us a call.

About Us

​​Animals of Distinction

Striving for Over 35 Years to Perfect the Art of Animal Training